The Ginger Man


Ginger Man Events

The Ginger Man not only provides a great selection of wine and food, but we are also the only Wine Bar in Albany to provide jazz music on weekends. Local performers and musicians give our guests the relaxing and nuanced selections that go perfectly with our atmosphere and great wine menu. Come and listen to dreamy jazz piano, heartfelt blues, and sultry Latin beats. Experience some of that old-time rock n’ roll, bluegrass, and even Dixieland performers. Come on in, let us pour you a glass of your favorite wine, and let the music take you away.

Our Knowledgeable Staff

Every single member of our team is well versed in regional, domestic, and international wine selections to provide our guests with the best experience in Albany. From providing your favorite vintage, to learning your tastes to introduce you to something new and surprising, our staff can recommend classic pairing and even more exotic wine experiences – all you have to do is ask.

Wine Classes

We did not become the best wine bar in Albany just by offering the widest selection of wine in the area. The Ginger Man also believes that our guests should play an active role in sharing their favorites with us as well. For those who are just starting to enjoy the many different types of wine available, The Ginger Man offers wine classes. We enjoy sharing our knowledge with our guests to teach them about the different types of wine. Wine making and appreciation are and art form unto themselves, and an experience that indulges all of the senses. We take pride in bringing this world to our guests so they can experience new and amazing wine selections, and help them understand the differences in various types of wine, how they pair with sweet and savory dishes, and to help guests figure out which selections they prefer. We believe that walking into the best wine bar in Albany should be warm and welcoming, and that guests should not feel overwhelmed. To this end, we would like to share our knowledge in our wine classes to help you figure out what you like and why you like it. By attending our classes, we will show you what to look for in the best wines, what gives certain wines their distinct flavors and textures, and what to look for when picking out that perfect bottle for your meal, or for your personal collection.

Experience The Ginger Man

We invite you to experience The Ginger Man and discover why we are the best wine bar in Albany, NY. From our fantastic meals and desserts; to our live entertainment and jazz weekends; our exclusive wine classes; and our staff with the depth of knowledge to find that perfect selection, there is always something happening at The Ginger Man. Whether you are native to the Capital District, or if you are visiting our city, we would love for you to walk in and experience the best wine bar in Albany. Come on in or make a reservation today!