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If you would like to learn about our daily specials at our Albany Wine Bar & Restaurant, or if you have dietary concerns regarding allergies, gluten-free, or vegetarian options, please feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all of your questions. We are dedicated to making your visit to the Ginger Man the best experience in Albany, NY and we pride ourselves on being able to cater to a wide variety or tastes and dietary needs.  We believe we offer something for every palate and you can view everyday menu items on our Instagram page “albanygingerman” or at the hashtags #albanygingermanmenu and #albanygingerman.


We hold a large number of events ranging from live music to wine classes, as well as hosting private parties. If you would like to reserve a table, or if you are thinking of holding a gathering for friends, family, your office, or organization, then reach out to us and we will work with you to arrange a memorable and intimate experience at the best wine bar in Albany.

Wine List

Are you looking for a specific wine selection? The Ginger Man boasts the best selection of wine in Albany, NY and we take pride in offering selections from Sustainable, Biodynamic, and Certified Organic vineyards from around the world. If you do not see a particular vintner or vintage on our extensive wine menu, please contact us.

Booking Events

If you are a musical artist or performer, and would like to book yourself or your group to perform for our patrons, please contact The Ginger Man. Perhaps we can work with you to arrange a time and date to showcase your work for our patrons.

Contact Information

Address: 234 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203
(Between Ontario Street and Quail Street)
Additional Parking: 455 Jay Street, Albany, NY, 12203
Phone: 518-427-5963
Fax: 689-0251
Email: Julie Byron:

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