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Wine Bar.

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That’s what the Ginger Man started as 31 years ago by my parents, Michael and Patricia Byron. Since then The Ginger Man has grown exponentially, especially in the food area, but we have never abandoned our roots. In fact, we offer more wine by the glass now than ever with 23 to choose from!

Wine is constantly evolving, and it sure is fun to keep up with the latest trends. These days “Wine Bar’s” are EVERYWHERE! They have great owners and great staffs, but offering a Chardonnay named “Cupcake” does not a wine bar make. So what does make a good wine bar? Or for that matter, what makes The Ginger Man a great wine bar?

As the capital districts first wine bar, it’s not because we have a large wine list with bottles ranging from $25-$225, a beautiful cruvinet system (the only one in the area), a great friendly wine knowledgeable staff who have no trouble answering any questions from the most basic to assisting the wine connoisseur. Their interest lies in guiding you towards a great, perhaps interesting global choice that’s not going to break your dinner budget. I would like to think that The Ginger Man is a great wine bar because we offer breadth and depth of wine. You say you want a Sauvignon Blanc? How about one from Bordeaux or Argentina? How about a Syrah? Well why not try something new and go for a Corbiere! Don’t know what that is? We are here to help and give you an EXPERIENCE! After all, isn’t that the whole point of going out?

What I hope to accomplish in the Ginger Man blog is to pass on all the great knowledge about wine and food that I have learned after being in this business for far longer than I would like to admit. Perhaps entertain you with the antics that go along with running a restaurant, and maybe teach you how to be a smart wine shopper, whether in a restaurant, or at your favorite store.

So there you have it…The Ginger Man’s first blog post! We hope you continue to come back and visit this page for many more posts in the future. Then come and visit us in person and try out the many different wines we have to offer with a delicious meal to go with it!


Julie Byron